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Rocket Club 2012

 Mission Control is ready to blast off for another year of exciting new adventures at the library!  The Dresden Rocket Club is open to kids age 9 to 14 and parents and other adult helpers are welcomed and encouraged to come assist and join the fun!  The Club will be building their own solid fuel rockets, learning fundamentals of rocketry and gearing up to launch their creations at the final session.   All supplies are provided and there is no cost to join.  Both novice and experienced builders are welcome.

 Model building sessions are on Saturdays between 1:00 and 2:30pm starting September 15th.  The last modeling session will be October 6th and Launch Day is scheduled for October 14th with a rain/wind date of October 20th.  Sign up is required as space is limited, so sign up by stopping by or calling the library at 737-8810

Summer Readers:  Congratulations to all our summer readers for working hard to meet their goals!  We hope you had a great time and keep on reading as the days grow colder!

Adult Book Group update:  The next meeting of the Bridge Academy Public Library Book Club will be Thursday September 13th at 7:00pm at the library.  The August book is Bel Canto by Ann Patchett.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Fall in to something new! Autumn is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or to get a jump start on a winter project!  The library has added new books on beading, upholstering, rug hooking and more, so stop by and check out a new adventure!

Arr, mateys!  New pirate books await you in the children’s room….true and not so true rollicking adventures on the high seas!


Although August is usually a quiet time for birds—most are off in sheltered places trying to be inconspicuous while their new feathers grow in and push out the old, worn ones—some unusual sightings have been reported. From south Dresden came this account: “When I came down this morning at 5:45, I looked out the window and there, perched on the post was a Great Horned Owl. He stared at me; I stared at him. He turned his head to the left and right, stared at me a couple more minutes and then took off toward the river. Very big, large wing span [could have been up to 44”!], no noise at all.” Up on Call’s Hill, several Northern Hawk Owls were sighted. They are considerably smaller than the Great Horned, but far less common around here. Even more rare was a sighting on Blinn Hill, of a white hummingbird, which repeatedly visited the bee balm. Since it’s beak, eyes and feet were the usual black of normally pigmented hummingbirds, it is apparently leucistic rather than an albino (with no pigment at all). Leucism is caused by a genetic defect that prevents melanin from coloring the feathers. It is fairly rare condition, so it is curious that we had a leucistic turkey reported in town last May. If you have heard birds singing well past mating season, they are probably youngsters learning and practicing their calls. A cardinal recently went through his entire repertoire several times in rapid succession—a fall concert treat.

If our birds have been more withdrawn than usual, the opposite has been the case for butterflies and moths. They are covering the flowers in this (organic) garden, and this year I’ve been able to put names to them, thanks to a handy pocket guide, “Maine Butterflies and Moths,” ( a laminated, fold-up sheet with images only of butterflies that one can actually expect to see in Maine—unlike all the guides that feature beautiful creatures, most seen only west of the Rockies and require one to leaf through so many pages of pictures that the butterfly has long since departed by the time you find a possible match. So far, we’ve recorded Monarchs, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, Cabbage Whites, White Admirals, a Large Wood Nymph, a Northern Pearly-eye, lots of Painted Ladies (rumor has it there’s been a big influx of these from New Hampshire this year, although I’ve no idea why), an Aphrodite and a Great Spangled Fritillary. And Luna moths. One Dresdenite confessed she’d spent the better part of two days, fascinated, as she watched a fresh Luna slowly emerge from it’s cocoon, enlarge and harden it’s wings and fly away. The lovely, large (up to 5-7” wingspan), green Luna moth, usually seen at night, lives for only about a week. It has no mouth and does not eat, as its sole function is to mate.

In the garden, now producing its harvest, little soft-shelled omnivorous snails—found on everything from iris and milkweed to fuzzy cucumber and squash leaves—have become a plague. The snails are an invasive species, probably Caribbean in origin, probably carried on horticultural products. Our winters, one would think, would have eliminated a Caribbean species, but they over-wintered last year and are spreading rapidly. Let’s hope a proper Maine winter will do them in.


The Golden Oldies Senior Center located at 314 front St Richmond would like to announce the following events for the month of September: Exercise Class every Monday from 9-9:30 (excluding Labor Day) and Wednesday from 11-11:30, Game Day every Wednesday at Noon. Sept 4 at 11am Author Katy Perry,  Thursday 6th at 10am  or 12pm Pontoon Boat Ride, Mon 10at 11am  Computer class, Tue the 11th  1-3pm  BINGO,  Wed 12th 11:30am Potluck,  Mon 17 at 10:30am CPR class, Tue 18th   at 10:30am  Genealogy Class at the State Library, Sat 22  from 5:30-8  Supper with entertainment.  Dresden Seniors are welcome to attend, call 737-2161 for more information.


Dresden Fire Association will meet on Wednesday, Sept. 05 at 7:00 p.m.  at Pownalborough Hall.


Dresden Fire Department members will meet every Wednesday beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Pownalborough Station.  Schedule of training and maintenance will be posted on the first Wednesday of the month.


Dresden Sno-Valley Riders SC will hold their organizational meeting at Pownalborough Hall on the second Tuesday of the month (Sept. 11) at 6:30 p.m.    Renewal and new memberships will need to be done at this time for the upcoming season.


Dresden Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 04 at 6:30 p.m. at Pownalborough Hall.

Dresden Comprehensive Plan Workshop will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at Pownalborough Hall at 6:30 p.m.   This is open to the public and all input is welcome.


Due to lack of participation, the community gardens will be closing and the area will be cleaned up. We do have some compost that is in the big composting bin that is available to anyone interested in taking some or all of it. Just bring your spade and bucket(s) and help yourself. Please talk to one of the Recycling Attendants so they know what is going on.

On the same note if anyone is interested in taking the composting bin and screen, just talk with the attendants.


Swap Shop volunteers were pleased to present several packages of school supplies to those of you who entered our annual drawing and brought in ready-to-wear school clothes during August.  These donations were much appreciated, especially by Swap Shop customers, but we still need more children’s clothing for both Fall and Winter.  Please bring in whatever your child has outgrown that is in very good condition.

We also need baby clothes, dishware, and household accessories.  We have lots of books for both adults and children, and a good supply of jigsaw puzzles, which we know many of you enjoy during the winter.  Come in and choose.

Please check the bulletin board for any items that are too large for the Swap Shop, but are available.  And, don’t forget to pick up coupons before you go grocery shopping.  Please be sure the items you bring in are in very good condition and in containers we can easily work with.  Thank you.


Selectmen Meetings will be on Monday, the 10th and the 24th at 6pm at the Pownalborough Hall (note new location).

There will only be one Selectmen Workshop on Monday, the 17th, at 6pm, this is due to the Town Office being closed on Sept. 3rd for the Labor Day Holiday. Tax bills will be in the mail around Sept. 1st, they are due Oct. 1st.


Saturday, 1 September

Library, 9AM – 1PM

Monday, 3 September


Town Office CLOSED

Tuesday, 4 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Planning Board, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 5 September

Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Fire Association, 7PM, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 6 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Saturday, 8 September

Library, 9AM – 1PM

Monday, 10 September

Selectmen Meeting, 6PM, Pownalbrough Hall

Tuesday, 11 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Sno-Valley Riders, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Hall

Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Stated Meeting, 6:30pm meal, 7:30pm meeting

Wednesday, 12 September

Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 13 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Book Club, 7PM, Bridge Academy Library

Saturday, 15 September

Library, 9AM – 1PM

Rocket Club, 1PM -2:30PM, Bridge Academy Library

Tuesday, 18 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Comp Plan Committee, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 19 September

Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 20 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Saturday, 22 September

Library, 9AM – 1PM

Rocket Club, 1PM – 2:30PM, Bridge Academy Library

Monday, 24 September

Selectmen Meeting, 6PM, Pownalbrough Hall

Tuesday 25 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Training Session, 6:30pm meeting.

Wednesday, 26 September

Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 27 September

Library, 2PM – 7PM

Saturday, 29 September

Library, 9AM – 1PM

Rocket Club, 1PM – 2:30PM, Bridge Academy Library

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