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Beginning in January the Dresden Communicator will be moving to an Internet ONLY publication and will NO LONGER BE MAILED TO EACH RESIDENCE. This transition is being made in consideration of wise financial stewardship during increasingly challenging economic times for Bridge Academy, and a dedication to closely honor our Chartered mission. This change additionally concurs with the current increasing transition of communication and publication to online and mobile formats.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition. Please see inside for additional information on how to access our online edition.

The Dresden Communicator will be accessible as follows: Each Month by the 1st the Communicator will be posted to its new Location at the following address:    You may subscribe to have Communicator notifications delivered directly to your e-mail each month by visiting the site and entering your e-mail address in the box on the right side of the screen labeled “Follow Blog via E-mail” and clicking Follow.  

The Communicator will also be accessible via Bridge Academy’s new Facebook page where a link to the Communicator will be posted each month.  Library & Scholarship information, Academy events, and other information will also be available on the Academy Facebook page.  

The Communicator will be appearing in a graphically simplified format with the same information and articles currently presented.  There will be no pictures to allow quick and easy access for those with slower internet connections. For those that desire to print a copy of the Communicator, from their home computer, this option will be available via a print button at the bottom of each edition. For those individuals without home computer access please remember public computers are available at the Bridge Academy, and our librarian will be available to assist anyone with the process. We would also encourage neighbors/ friends/family to assist those that may need technical assistance or that you may be able to share a print at home copy with.  A single copy of the Communicator will be posted at the Library, the Town Office, and the Post Office each month.

Though we understand this format decision may not be desirable/understandable to some. This is a FINAL decision and mailed copies will NOT be available after December. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any technical or access questions you may contact Beth Jones at 737-2440 or


Christmas is coming!….and books make a great gift: Bridge Academy Public Library has a huge assortment of fantastic reads in good condition for all ages and reading tastes, including recent best sellers by popular authors!  Pick up a few favorites for two dollars of less per book or grab a bag from our supply downstairs and fill it for five bucks!  From gardening to the latest thriller…we have it all!  Support the library and get your shopping done too!  The book sale is open any day the library is open, so stop in Tuesday or Thursday 2-7pm or Saturday 9am-1pm.  FMI call 737-8810.

Adult Book Group update:  The next meeting of the Bridge Academy Public Library Book Club will be Thursday November 8th at 7:00pm at the library.  The October book is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Spotlight on Maine nonfiction: The Reverend Jacob Bailey , Maine Loyalist: For God, King, Country and for Self-James Leamon.  Reverend Bailey preached in Pownalborough (now Dresden) and his opposition to the American Revolution forced him to flee to Nova Scotia with his family, during which time he wrote poems, dramas, novels and histories.

Maine: The Wilder Half of New England- William David Barry.  Barry’s work provides a concise overview of 500 years of the history of our state and the many forces that have shaped it.

Dresden Elementary

More books: Our Dresden School librarian recently shared some good news with our families and staff. After writing a grant to the New York City-based Brownstone Book Fund this fall, we received the welcome news that our library would receive 100 new children’s books from the fund. Appropriate for students from pre-kindergarten through early readers, the books are available now in the library for our young learners to check out. The Brownstone Book fund is a private foundation in New York City that fosters early reading, a lifelong love of books, and parents and children reading together. Each year one state is chosen as a beneficiary of the fund, and Maine is this year’s selection.

Hannaford Helps Schools Program: Another way to support our school is through the Hannaford Helps Schools program. Between September and December 1, 2013, folks who shop at the Gardiner Hannaford store can donate the school dollars that come with over 700 products to the school of your choice. The school dollars can be deposited right at the store in one of the specially marked towers or given to us at school. If you’d like to go online for more information about donating to Dresden through the school dollars program, visit

Reach for Success at DES:  This year we are using the “7 Healthy Habits of Steven Covey” to teach our students how to become good citizens. Each month, teachers and students learn a new Habit, starting with September’s Be Proactive. By teaching our learners how to be proactive, we mean: Be responsible and take the initiative, choose your own words and actions, Do not blame others for your own wrong actions, and  Do the right thing without being asked.

In October, we are emphasizing Begin with the End in Mind, which is how to set goals and reach them. These lessons include: Plan ahead and set goals, Do things that have meaning and make a difference, Be an important part of the classroom and contribute to the school’s mission, and look for ways to be a good citizen. Next month, the school-wide focus will be the Habit Put First Things First. These lessons encourage students to make work a priority.

At the end of every month, we hold a school-wide assembly for teachers and students to celebrate our accomplishments. We invite you to stop by to see our art project in the lobby highlighting our hands and arms reaching for success. And if you happen to be in our building for morning announcements, you’ll hear our fifth grade leaders conclude the news every day with this charge: ”Reach for success at DES.”

Seen in Dresden in October 2012

October has brought more than it’s share of gray wet gloomy days, or so it seems on yet another of them, though we have had a couple of those perfect, crisp, sunny fall days when the colors just glow against the deep blue of the sky and the whole is perfectly reflected in the mirrors of the rivers. On the 20th, leaf colors are pretty much past peak, with just the oaks showing good color and still holding their leaves. We had had, by mid-month, a couple of serious frosts, and on the 16th, an earthquake, that did, indeed, sound like a freight train about to come through the windows, before everything shook a bit and then all was quiet. Fortunately! The relatively warm weather after the frosts has confused some of the spring perennials into putting up new leaves, but they’ll soon, no doubt, learn of their mistake.

On those perfect days, the eagles could be seen circling and riding the thermals for hours on end. The sometimes strong winds were probably responsible for throwing a rose-breasted grosbeak—others of his species had left here months before—way off course and landing him on the suet, where he spent the better part of two October days re-fueling, before resuming his long trip south. E-bird indicates that several other grosbeaks were seen in Dresden around the same time, so let’s hope they all joined (back) up for the trip. One evening early in the month, just at sunset, a flock of 15-20 wood ducks—way more than I’d ever seen at one time—worked their way through the sedges and wild rice in an Eastern River shallows. Flocks of turkeys are merging into larger, winter flocks; and very large mixed flocks of juncos, white-throated sparrows, yellow-rumped (and probably other) warblers, quietly feed on insects and seeds in the shrubs and grass, while finches, chickadees and pine siskins are cleaning out the seeds on dead flower heads. A red-bellied woodpecker, apparently one of those few now daring to come as far north as Maine, shows up periodically at the suet and feeder, taking turns with the regular downy and hairy woodpeckers, which now sport their brand new, clean and slick winter feathers. The sun is setting earlier and earlier, the trees are increasingly bare. Like it or not, the season is changing.

Fire Association

Dresden Fire Association will meet on Wednesday, Nov. 07 – Pownalborough Hall at 7:00 p.m. for its monthly meeting.

Fire Department

Dresden Fire Department members will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. – Pownalborough Station.  Training, truck and station maintenance will be posted on the first Wednesday of the month.  New members are always a welcome addition.  Anyone interested in joining may either go to a meeting or contact either the Chief, Gerald Lilly or Assistant Chief, Steve Lilly.

Planning Board

Dresden Planning Board will not be having a meeting this month due to use of Pownalborough Hall for elections.  If you have any questions or wish to contact the Chairperson, please either call the Town Office or Board Chair, Jeff Pierce.

Comprehensive Plan

Dresden Comprehensive Plan Workshop will be held on Nov. 20th to go over the drafts for review on Transportation issues, Recreational, Water Resources, and Historical/Archeological info.  Any resident is more than welcome to attend.  If you have questions, comments, suggestions or just wish to know what is being discussed, please feel free to come to these workshops.  The information that is compiled for a Comprehensive Plan will be a good source of guidance for our community to utilize in the future.

Sno-Valley Riders

Dresden Sno-Valley Riders are getting things ready for the upcoming season.  Trail maintenance will be going on primarily on weekends when possible.  If you wish to join the club, we will be meeting at Pownalborough Hall on November 13 beginning at 6:30 p.m. If you would like any information on the cost of joining, you can call Shari at 737-2566.  We encourage all people who enjoy using the trail system to consider becoming a member. It is an opportunity to show that you appreciate the work that the members put into having a great way to enjoy our town in the winter.


Starting Thursday November 1st the Recycling Center and Transfer Station will be shifting to winter hours; Thursday 1-4, Saturday  9-4, Sunday  9-1.

Please remember that we take used printer cartridges and cell phones that get sent to be recycled and proceeds go towards the Dresden Elementary School. We also recycle rechargeable batteries. Although we do not get any proceeds from these batteries, it still keeps them out of the waste stream and gets recycled responsibly.

Swap Shop

Cold weather is coming.  The Swap Shop needs winter clothing for both adults and children, but especially for children.  We need outer wear, sweaters and sweatshirts, shirts and pants, hats, scarves and mittens.  Please bring in items in good condition only.  We also would like boots and any winter sports equipment you no longer use, especially skates.

We currently have a lot of glassware and mugs, and jigsaw puzzles.  We have a good selection of books for adults, but we need more children’s books.

Town Office    

TOWN OFFICE HOURS: Monday 1pm-6pm, Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 9am-3pm, Thursday1pm-8pm, Friday 9am-1pm, 1st Saturday of the month 9am-Noon


Elections will be held Tuesday, November 6th at the Pownalborough Hall, 314 Patterson Road.  The polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Absentee ballots are still available for the November 6th election, but due to changes in the law, except for certain special circumstances the deadline for requesting ballots is 8:00 p.m. Thursday, November 1. All absentee ballots must be received back by 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 6th.  FMI, contact the Clerk at 737-4335.

Town of Dresden Registrar of Voter Hours: Monday 1 – 8pm, Tuesday 10 am- 5pm, Wednesday 9am – 3pm, Thursday 1- 8pm, Friday 9am- 1pm, First Saturday of the month  9am- Noon. The Registrar of Voters will be available for registrations and corrections to the voter list during these hours.

Selectmen Meetings will be held Mon., Nov. 5th at the Town Office (due to the Hall being set up for Elections on Tuesday) and Mon., Nov. 19th at the Pownalborough Hall.   The only Workshop this month will be held on Mon., Nov. 26 at the Office.

The Town Office will be closed on Tues, Nov. 6th for Elections, Mon., Nov. 12th  for Veterans Day and also Nov., 22nd and 23rd for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

2013 Dog licenses are now available.  The fee is $6.00 if spayed/neutered or $11.00 if not.  Don’t forget that the 2012 licenses expire December 31st, so avoid those pesky late fees and get your furry friend his license for Christmas.

Snowmobile registrations are now available and are $42.00 for a first time registration, and $41.00 for renewals.


Thursday, 1 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

Saturday, 3 November

   Library, 9AM – 1PM

Monday, 5 November

   Selectmen Meeting, 6PM, Town Office

Tuesday, 6 November

   ELECTIONS, 8AM – 8PM, Pownalborough Hall

   Town Office CLOSED

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

Wednesday, 7 November

   Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

   Fire Association, 7PM, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 8 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

   Book Club, 7PM, BA Library

Saturday, 10 November

   Library, 9AM – 1PM

Monday, 12 November


   Town Office CLOSED

Tuesday, 13 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

   Sno-Valley Riders, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Hall

   Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Stated Meeting, 6:30pm meal, 7:30pm meeting                  

Wednesday, 14 November

   Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

   Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Fellowcraft School of Instruction, 6:30pm meal,              7:30pm meeting.

Thursday, 15 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

Saturday, 17 November

   Library, 9AM – 1PM

Monday, 19 November

   Selectmen Meeting, 6PM, Pownalborough Hall

Tuesday, 20 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

   Comprehensive Plan Workshop, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 21 November

   Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 22 November


   Library & Town Office CLOSED

Friday, 23 November

   Town Office CLOSED

Saturday, 24 November

   Library, 9AM – 1PM

Tuesday, 27 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM

   Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Training, 6:30pm.

Wednesday, 28 November

   Fire Department, 6:30PM, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 29 November

   Library, 2PM – 7PM







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