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The Dresden Communicator is compiled by Bridge Academy as a public resource for all Dresden residents. Anyone in town wishing to publish articles and meeting dates in The Dresden Communicator should e-mail articles to or 737-2440. The Deadline for submitting articles is the 25th of each month. Please see “Communicator Submissions” at the top of this page for article guidelines.


Due to circumstances beyond our control the Academy has recently and unexpectedly found itself in a difficult financial state of affairs, resulting in the loss of over 25% of our already small operating income. We have been forced to make difficult decisions to accommodate this loss, which will immediately affect both our Library and Scholarship programs.

Most notable to our library patrons will be the loss of one hour of service on Saturdays and a significantly reduced budget with which to purchase books, supplies, and other resources.

Our Collegiate Scholarship Recipients will also see their scholarships cut by over half effective this spring.

The Communicator is now free to produce and place online and as such will not be affected.

We feel it is important to make the recipients of our services aware of these unfortunate changes. In spite of this challenge we will continue to provide the very best services we can in the legacy of Mr. Bridge.





Stop by during the month of October and make your very own, very cute Halloween mummy!  This simple craft will not take long to make and all the supplies are provided.  A helper will be available to assist you Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-7 or Saturdays 9-12. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to closing to make sure we have time to finish the project.  A finished sample will be on display all month if you’d like to come see one first.

 Rocket Club Launch Day:  Don’t forget to come join us for Launch Day 2013! The Dresden Rocket Club will be meeting to get their creations airborne on Sunday October 13th at 1:00pm with wind/rain dates of October 14th or 20th.  Location TBA-Please stop by or call the library at 737-8810 in late September for a final location!

New Saturday hours: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Bridge Academy has been put in a challenging position financially and forced to make some difficult choices to accommodate a significant loss of funds.  One of those choices includes a one hour reduction of library weekly hours.  Starting September 28th the library will be open 9:00am-12:00pm on Saturdays.  We appreciate your understanding.

Interlibrary loan service: Due to the above mentioned financial situation interlibrary loan service will be temporarily unavailable.  Any requests that have already submitted will be honored.  On a brighter note, thanks to expanded funding for rural libraries via the Maine State Library and Maine legislature, service should be able to resume at some point in November.  Bear in mind that we will be switching to a once a week van delivery service so expect some delays in receiving requested materials.  Notification will be provided here when service is available again.

Adult Book Group : The October discussion book will be Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. The next meeting will be Thursday October 10th at 7:00pm at the library.


On the first day of school this year, one of our kindergarten students jumped off the bus, threw her hands in the air, and with a big smile on her face yelled “It’s the first day of school!”

We have now completed our first month of the 2013-2014 school year and staff and students are on a roll with schedules, routines, and the joy of learning. Most of the Dresden staff was available to meet in August at our annual half day retreat where we exchanged summer highlights and set some goals for the coming year. Everyone is recharged, full of good ideas, and ready to go.

You’ll see one new face around school, Kolleen Cass, our guidance counselor.  Kolleen will serve as the new guidance counselor at Dresden Elementary and Marcia Buker school, and is looking forward to a year filled with new relationships.  She has been able to meet all of the Dresden students in their classrooms and on the playground and looks forward to meeting everyone’s families in the near future!  As a counselor she has worked with children and families of all ages in a variety of settings.  In addition she has worked as a Career Preparation and American Sign Language teacher and most recently as a School Health Coordinator for five different schools.

The instructional focus for our district continues to be the Measurement Topics as our standards based educational practices get better and better. We’ll continue to share information with you about this in our coming newsletters.

The Dresden Fire Department will provide us with fire safety presentations on October 2 and will invite students and families to attend the department’s Open House that evening.

Our active and supportive PTF (parents/teachers/friends) is making plans for a harvest lunch for our students where they’ll have a chance to sample foods grown in the school gardens such as beets, carrots, and butternut squash.

So, we’re off to a joyous and energetic start. Please stop by and say hello.


September arrived with a cloudburst, and we’ve had many more serious rains throughout the month, sometimes with startling thunder and streak lightening the likes of which I’ve not seen since leaving the Midwest. All that moisture made for thick bright green grass that set off the increasingly lovely colors of fall: the white and purple asters and goldenrod—now gone by, but brilliant early in the month—the tans and rusty browns, mauves and golden yellows of drying roadside grasses, and now, the reds of sumac and swamp maples. It has been a good mushroom season, for those who know what to look for. Some of them enjoyed delicious puffballs from the farmer’s airstrip. The angled light of this season also brings out the blue of the sky, often filled with truly dramatic clouds. We had some hot and very humid days early on, but timed perfectly with the equinox, dry and almost crisp evenings and mornings appeared, bringing on the first fires in stoves, the faint smell of wood smoke.

By the 8th or 9th the season’s local hummingbirds, with their dashing chases, seem to have left. Individual hummers showed up at feeders at least until the 19th, but those were probably en route from further north and just passing through. Chickadees, titmice and finches have been feeding in mixed flocks, often bouncing on the sunflowers, zinnias and cornflowers as they pick the petals to get at the seeds, one by one. Phoebes were calling loudly until the 20th or so, but seem now to have left. On the 22nd, I finally saw my first and only Monarch of the year: a very large, three-winged one. It had lost one of its hind wings, but managed somehow to still fly reasonably well, if awkwardly. It was last seen moving among stalks of milkweed, so I hope it managed to lay some eggs that will have time to hatch, pupate and emerge to make the trip to Mexico. I doubt the three-winged one could make that trip.

Gardeners and farmers have been harvesting and processing the results—a so-so year for tomatoes (especially when late hornworms sneaked in after we thought we were safe from them and/or late blight arrived), but a banner year for peaches and apples. Now it’s time to repot houseplants, bring them inside, and clean up vegetable and flowerbeds, as we await the first hard frost. Though we may yet look forward to some warm Indian summer days, fall has arrived.


Dresden Comp Plan workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.   Dresden Comp Plan members are working to develop a plan that will be beneficial to our town in many ways.  We have been working on elements such as Transportation, Housing, Marine & Natural Water Resources, Recreation, Shared Services and implementing a Capital Improvement Plan. All members working on an element are urged to attend.   These workshops are open to the public, we encourage anyone with an interest to attend.  The Comp Plan is developed as a GUIDE for townspeople.  It is not a rule or regulation.  It is to help our town with possibilities of grants and low-cost loans to improve our community into the future.


Dresden Fire Department will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Pownalborough Fire Station.  Wednesday October 2nd will be the Annual Fire Prevention Week Open House, hosted by members of the Dresden Fire Department at the Pownalborough Fire Station.  We will have lots of information about fire safety and other fire-related issues, games for the kids, hot dogs, popcorn, door prizes, Sparky the Fire Dog, a Smoke House that simulates a smoke-filled room fire trucks and other activities.  We hope you will bring the family for this evening of information and fun.  The event will be from 5 to 7 p.m.  Everyone is welcome.


The Association will not meet in October due to the Annual Fire Prevention Week Open House.


Dresden Historical Society will meet on Monday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Yellow Schoolhouse. Historical Society members have decided that because of numerous unexpected issues, the Annual Harvest Supper will not be held this year.  HOWEVER, we will plan on having it next year one way or another.  We do hope to have some type of activities, such as a soup/chowder/chili supper or something on that idea.  We will be posting any future events.  Thank you to all for your understanding and remember – – – WE WILL DO THE HARVEST SUPPER AGAIN.


Dresden Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, October 1 at 6:30 p.m. at Pownalborough Hall.  If you have a project that may require PB approval / permit, please contact the Board Chairperson, Jeff Pierce at 441-3006 for information or help preparing any necessary paperwork.


Dresden Sno-Valley Riders will meet on Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  Members are getting their memberships renewed and hoping that more snowmobilers and snow-enthusiasts will want to join this year.  New members are always a welcome addition. We have already started discussions on doing day trips here in town and in other areas.  Also, we are making plans to begin the yearly trail work, checking the club drag sleds and equipment and getting hopeful of a lot of snow.  Anyone wanting to join the club can call Shari Lilly at 737-2566 for more information or an application.  Or BETTER YET, come to a meeting and check it out.


The first half of your Property Tax Bill is due October 1st.

The Selectmen Meetings for October are on Monday, Oct. 7th and the 21st.

The Property Tax Collector, Ann Pierce, is being trained as the Deputy Excise Tax Collector.  In order to do motor vehicle registrations, she needs 3 classes from the State, which include re-registration, new registration and truck registration.  These are scheduled for November so by the end of November she should be able to process registrations, so as to cover the office when the Excise Tax Collector, Kim Rzasa, is not available. Until that time, no registrations are being processed on Tuesday when Kim is not in the office.  Please plan accordingly.

2014 Dog licenses will be available beginning October 15th.  Don’t forget the 2013 licenses expire December 31st, so avoid those pesky late fees and get your furry friend his license for Christmas.

Absentee ballots are available now until October 31st for the upcoming November 5th election.  There are several ways ballots may be obtained:

Come in during open office hours and vote in person, or pick up an absentee ballot request.

You can make a telephone request for your own ballot, which will be mailed to the address you provide.

You may request your ballot by email at:

You can make a written request by completing an absentee ballot application. Additionally, you can obtain a ballot for an immediate family member in this same way. A ballot will be mailed to the voter directly or to an immediate family member making the request.


Tuesday, 1

Library, 2pm-7pm

Planning Board, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 2

Fire Prevention Week Open House, 5pm-7pm, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 3

Library, 2pm-7pm

Saturday, 5

Library, 9am-12pm

Rocket Club, 1-2:30pm, Library

Monday, 7

Selectmen Meeting, 6pm, Pownalborough Hall

Tuesday, 8

Library, 2pm-7pm

Sno-Valley Riders, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Hall

Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Stated Meeting, 6:30pm meal, 7:30pm meeting

Wednesday, 9

Fire Department, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 10

Library, 2pm-7pm

Book Group, 7pm, BA Library

Saturday, 12

Library, 9am-12pm

Rocket Club Launch Day, 1pm, Location TBD

Monday, 14

Historical Society, 7pm, Yellow Schoolhouse

Tuesday, 15

Library, 2pm-7pm

Comprehensive Plan, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 16

Fire Department, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 17

Library, 2pm-7pm

Saturday, 19

Library, 9am-12pm

Monday, 21

Selectmen Meeting, 6pm, Pownalborough Hall

Tuesday, 22

Library, 2pm-7pm

Dresden Masonic Lodge #103 Special Meeting FC Degree, 6:00pm meal, 7:00pm meeting

Wednesday, 23

Fire Department, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 24

Library, 2pm-7pm

Saturday, 26

Library, 9am-12pm

Tuesday, 29

Library, 2pm-7pm

Wednesday, 30

Fire Department, 6:30pm, Pownalborough Station

Thursday, 31

Library, 2pm-7pm


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