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Addendum to April Communicator – Dresden Elementary School, RSU2

As spring finally makes an entrance and March readies for its exit, Dresden School gets ready for parent/teacher conferences early in April and a new standardized test later on.

We look forward to meeting with families on Thursday, April 2 starting after school through 7 in the evening. (Some teachers also meet with parents at other times throughout the week.)

New this year is a parent/teacher sign-up form with the option of a face-to-face conference, a phone conference, or a pass. Teachers will have sent home the end of second trimester progress report before the conferences, giving families time to review their students’ progress. Now, onward into the third and final trimester of the school year.

Later in April students across Maine will take the new, standardized test that replaces the NECAP test—New England Common Assessment Program.

The new test, initially called Smarter Balanced but now known as the MEA, or Maine Educational Assessment for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy, will be given to RSU 2 students beginning April 29. This on-line test takes about 12 days to complete, with testing in the mornings a couple of days a week. We’ve allotted time for make-up tests as well. During the next few weeks, third graders and up will practice test questions and use laptops to get familiar with test protocols.

We’ve got some other events on the calendar to look forward to: the Book Fair is open April 13-17; the spring concert will be Tuesday, April 14 at 6 p.m., and the art show/plant sale is Wednesday, May 20, 6-7 p.m. Hope to see families and community events at school for these annual rites-of-spring!

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The Dresden Communicator, April 2015

The Dresden Communicator is compiled by Bridge Academy as a public resource for all Dresden residents. Anyone in town wishing to publish articles and meeting dates in The Dresden Communicator should e-mail articles to or by phone message to Bill Matthews at 737-8214. The Deadline for submitting articles for the May edition is the 28th of April. Please see “Communicator Submissions” at the top of this page for article guidelines. 


Bridge Academy Library

 We Love Libraries! Event- Thanks to a generous grant from Sisters in Crime, a nationwide organization for mystery authors, Bridge Academy Public Library will be receiving a $1000 check at a special event this month, presented by local Sisters author Vicki Doudera. Vicki’s interest in homes and building led to a career in real estate, and from there, the creation of her character Darby Farr, a crime solving real estate agent. Come meet Vicki as she shares a short talk titled “Libraries I Have Loved” and help us celebrate receiving the grant!

Thursday, April 9th

6:00 pm

Bridge Academy Public Library

44 Middle Road, Dresden

Light refreshments will be served!

 Help Wanted! The library will be holding it’s annual Book, Plant and Bake Sale on Saturday May 23rd from 9:00am-1:00pm.

 This is our primary fund raising event and we need your help to make it happen! The planning meeting will be Thursday April 23rd at 6:00p.m. “Veterans” and new recruits are welcomed and encouraged to join us to plan another successful event! If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to contribute, please consider donating plants, books or baked goods or handcrafted or locally made items for the raffle. We will also be looking for helpers the day of the sale to man the book, plant, raffle and baked stations. For more information please call the library at 737-8810.

 Spotlight on…Spring! It hasn’t feel like it, but it’s really here! Our special display this month features Easter, gardening and more! Come see for yourself!

 Adult Book Group : The April discussion book will be A Country Year by Sue Hubbell. The next meeting will be Thursday April 9th at 7:00pm at the library. New members are always welcome.

Dresden Rocket Club-A new session of rocket building and launching is coming soon! Check out the May edition of the Communicator for dates and details!

College Scholarship Opportunity for Environmental Studies

The Garden Club of Wiscasset will be awarding one or more scholarships of up to $2000 to students resident in the towns of members—which include Dresden. Students must be enrolled in a college or university and studying horticulture, botany, environmental studies or a related field. For applications or more information write to Garden Club of Wiscasset, PO Box 174, Wiscasset, ME 04578. Applications are due by May 15.

Dresden Town Office Announcements

Nomination papers are now available for the following municipal offices:

1st Selectman,–3 year term

Town Clerk,–1 year term

Excise Tax Collector,– 1 year term

Tax Collector,– 1 year term

Town Treasurer,– 1 year term

Budget Review Committee,–3 year term***There are 3 positions open.

R.S.U. 2/School Committee Member,–3 year term.  1 position open.

Please come to the town office on either Mondays (1—6 p.m.) or Wednesdays (9 a.m.—3p.m.) to take out papers on any of these offices and speak with Pat. Nomination papers must be turned in to Dresden Town Clerk Pat Theriault no later than April 30, 2015.


 Dresden Fire Association

The monthly business meeting is on Wednesday, April 01, at 7:00 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.

Dresden Fire Department

Members will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Pownalborough Station for truck and station maintenance as well as any training.  The schedule for the month will be posted on the first Wednesday.  All members are urged to attend.    Anyone interested in joining, please either come to a weekly meeting or call the Chief at 737-9434 for an application.  Like so many other departments, we would like more volunteers, so if you want to find out more about what it takes to become a firefighter, please take the time to check it out.  There is so much you can learn and you could make a big difference in your community.

Dresden Planning Board

 The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, April 07, at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  We will be reviewing a business proposal which will be located on River Road.    If you have a question about a project or would like to get information, please contact board chairman, Jeffrey Pierce, at 441-3006 or leave a message at the Town Office.

Dresden Sno-Valley Riders SC

Members will have their monthly business meeting on Tuesday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the Old Town House on Rt. 197.  We will be having our election of officers for the 2015-2016 season, decide if we will have meetings during the summer or any other events, gather the paperwork for the Grant-in-Aid and have our Pot-O-Gold drawing (Remember you have to be present to win if your name is drawn) as well as any other issues that members wish to discuss.  All members are urged to attend this meeting.

Dresden Historical Society

 Members will host a Soup / Stew supper on Saturday, April 18th from 5 – 7 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  The cost is $ 7.00 for adults and $ 3.00 for children under 12.  We will have a variety of soups/stews, desserts and refreshments.  We also will have a slide show of pictures featuring historical interest of Dresden that have been digitally preserved.

Dresden Comprehensive Plan

Members will meet on Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  We are finalizing the drafts that will update our Plan.  There will be a Public Forum on Saturday, April 25th from 9 a.m. to noon at Pownalborough Hall for residents to come in, look over the information, talk to the members who have worked so hard over the last three years, ask questions and give your input.   A Comprehensive Plan is a guide to help town officials in planning for the future in reference to what the residents feel is in their best interest.  You will have the chance to find out what the Plan will contain and what benefits may be available to us once we have an acceptable plan in place.  Please take the time to join us for this very important, informative forum.

 You can check out the information on all the Comp Plan drafts by going to the following link.



Seen in Dresden April 2015

 By Karen Vitelli

April certainly arrived as the proverbial lion—with a low temperature of minus 13 on my thermometer—and winds, really ferocious winds, way too frequently, all month. We’ve had a few above-freezing days (hours, really) that, with an occasional, but much stronger sun have lessened the snow cover by about half. But that still leaves us with a pretty solid cover of pocked and wave-marked snow. This winter has given us a new appreciation for those languages with dozens of words for the different qualities of snow, most (all?) of which we have experienced this year. But from the 25th onward, the forecast includes no further single digit nights, and all days above freezing, and rain. Perhaps we have finally turned the corner.

Daylight savings has made our afternoons longer and brighter, and the ice-breakers are due on the Kennebec next week. Those are good signs.

Other promising signs that Mother Nature is moving into the next season are showing up almost daily. On the 19th, two red-bellied woodpeckers, a male and a female, showed up at the same time—he in pursuit, she playing hard-to-get. The hormones are running on schedule, even if the thermometer is not. On the 20th, the calendar’s first day of spring, the single digit low and fierce winds were discouraging, but on the 21,st the first red-winged blackbirds arrived in South Dresden, and phoebes were heard calling back and forth across the Cedar Grove Road.

The first clear transverse cracks in the Eastern River ice have showed up, and crows bathed in water seeping through larger cracks. The calling of chickadees and titmice and the cooing of doves bring welcome sound to our formerly silent landscape.

Chipmunks and raccoons have reappeared. Not all the mammalian newcomers are so welcome: along with winter’s quiet comes the absence of odors. They, too, are returning—clearly skunks are in the neighborhood. A few flies, not to mention stinkbugs, Asian ladybugs, and pantry moths, are coming out of the woodwork. A weasel-like critter, probably a fisher, has been seen on Clancy and Alexander Roads.

The wild turkeys, among others, had a rough winter, and are still grateful for the dropped seeds around bird feeders. Two females, dubbed Laverne and Shirley by affectionate watchers, have been regulars the length of town, apparently crisscrossing the Eastern River, checking out all the feeders along the way, sometimes just the two of them, sometimes accompanied by friends. This morning they were joined by another 4 females and two males, one with his feathers all puffed up and spread out in full display mode and looking rather foolish as he slipped across the snow crust trying to herd “his” females, who totally ignored him.

If you’ve tried forcing forsythia or magnolia buds in the last few weeks, you may have found they blossomed much sooner than expected. Apparently shrubs and trees are as anxious as human to get on with spring. It’s time to start your seeds, and when you do, please remember to include a few plants for the Bridge Academy Library plant sale (May 23). Snow will be gone by then, we promise.

April 2015 Calendar of Events in Dresden

See articles above for details.

Wednesday, 1 April

7 pm Dresden Fire Association, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 2 April

2-7 pm   Library open

Saturday, 4 April

9 am-noon   Library open

Monday, 6 April

6 pm Select Board, Town Office

Tuesday, 7 April

2-7 pm   Library open

6:30 pm Planning Board – Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 8 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

7 pm   Friends of Merrymeeting Bay speaker series:  Sea Run Alewife Restoration Frank Richards, Webber Pond Association 

Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant St., Brunswick

Thursday, 9 April

2-7 pm   Library open

7 pm Adult Book Group, Bridge Acad. Library

Saturday, 11 April

9 am-noon   Library open

Sunday, 12 April

2 pm Dresden Historical Society, Bridge Acad. Library

Monday, 13 April

6 pm Select Board, Town Office

Tuesday, 14 April

2-7 pm   Library open

6:30 pm   Dresden Sno-Valley Riders SC,  Old Dresden Town House, Rte. 197

Wednesday, 15 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 16 April

2-7 pm   Library open

Saturday, 18 April

9 am-noon   Library open

5-7 pm   Dresden Historical Society Chili/Chowder Supper,  Pownalborough Hall

Monday, 20 April

6 pm Select Board, Town Office

Tuesday, 21 April

2-7 pm   Library open

6:30 pm Dresden Comprehensive Plan Workshop, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 22 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 23 April

2-7 pm   Library open

Saturday, 25 April

9 am-noon   Library open

9 am-noon Public Forum, Dresden Comprehensive Plan, Pownalborough Hall

Monday, 27 April

6 pm Select Board, Town Office

Tuesday, 28 April

2-7 pm   Library open

Wednesday, 29 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 30 April

2-7 pm   Library open

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