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Dresden Communicator, September, 2015


The Dresden Communicator is compiled by Bridge Academy as a public resource for all Dresden residents. Anyone in town wishing to publish articles and meeting dates in The Dresden Communicator should e-mail articles to or by phone message to Bill Matthews at 737-8214. The Deadline for submitting articles for the October edition is the 28th of September. Please see “Communicator Submissions” at the top of this page for article guidelines. 


New Town of Dresden Website


Dresden has a newly redesigned website, at   Information about the select board, town employees, departments, opening hours, etc. is up now and calendar information will be added soon.


Bridge Academy Library

New Hours: The library will be returning to a 14 hour per week schedule so the new hours will be as follows:

Tues, Thurs 1:30-7:00pm; Sat 9:00am-12:00pm

Summer Readers: Thank you all for another fantastic summer program! If you made your reading goal and haven’t picked up your prize yet be sure to stop in to get it. Congratulations to all my goal makers for your hard work; I look forward to another great year of reading with you!

Adult Book Group : The September discussion book will be Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius. The next meeting will be Thursday September 10th at 7:00pm at the library. New members are always welcome!

Raising Readers celebrates 15 years: The Raising Readers program has distributed more than 2.2 million high quality books to children birth to age 5 since it’s inception to promote childhood literacy in Maine. To celebrate this milestone they have donated a collection of board and picture books to libraries across the state, including ours! For more information about them and reading promotion tips check out    and don’t forget to check out our special display of books available for checkout for your little one!



Bridge Academy Sports Center – Pickleball and More

Peter Walsh writes:

The new court has now been paved and grass has been planted and is coming up
around the area.  I urge you to stop by and see the new look at Bridge

This week will see the court painted, new fence installed, net post and
adjustable net put in, and final landscaping done of the area.  The court
should be ready to play next weekend.

On Saturday, September 12th at 2:00 PM there will be a brief opening
celebration followed by a Pickle Ball demonstration, and open play for all.

Please give me a call or write to me at

if you can help out this week or at the opening celebration, and please forward this message to family and friends.

Once again, thanks to the Select Board and everyone else who has helped with this project.

Dresden Fire Association

The Association will hold its monthly business meeting on Wednesday, September 02 at 7:00 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.

Dresden Fire/Rescue

All personnel will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Pownalborough Station.  Truck and station maintenance will be done as well as any training or other scheduled events which will be posted on the first Wednesday of the month.  Any member who has signed up to take the training classes in Richmond, please be sure to be there on time and with any necessary equipment or materials.  Check the posted schedule for times and dates.  Check out our website at   for fire department information and links to other departments, a link to the town website and a few town business listings.

Dresden Historical Society

The Society will meet on Monday, Sept. 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the Yellow Schoolhouse on Rte 128.  We will be discussing plans for the Harvest Supper.  All available members are urged to attend.  Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome anyone who would like to join or just come to sit in on a meeting.  We are also on Facebook.

Dresden Planning Board

The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 01 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  On the agenda will be a proposed gravel pit on Ludwig Road.  Anyone who is planning on a specific projects and would like any information, please contact the Chairman, Jeff Pierce, at 441-3006 or leave a message at the town office.

Dresden Sno-Valley Riders

The club will meet on Tuesday, Sept 08 at 6:30 p.m. in the Old Town House.  We will be doing our membership renewals and making plans for trail maintenance to get the season started.  New members are always a welcome addition.  Our meetings are open to the public if you would like to come visit.

Dresden Comprehensive Plan

The plan is available at:




Seen in Dresden August, 2015

By K. D. Vitelli

By the time you read this we should be out of the heavy, humid stickiness of the last week. We hope. Though the gray days have dragged on, we’ve still had less than an inch of much needed rain, but somehow, the gardens are still growing, if slowly.

Goldfinches are chittering on the sunflower seeds, and hummingbird young and parents sip at the flowers, visit the feeders, and chase each other mercilessly, chirping the while. Phoebes are finding plentiful insect food and love perching on any tall poles gardeners have provided to keep overgrown plants from flopping down. A hawk has been hanging out along the Cedar Grove Road, and the eagles are flying up and down the rivers. Other birds are less evident, unless you are providing seed at feeders, where a rose-breasted grosbeak or two may still show up. It has gotten harder to tell young from adults, except by behavior: as one neighbor said: “Kids will be kids,” and fledgling birds certainly engage in their share of silliness as they explore their big new world.

A couple of large, fat woodchucks have been hanging out near the River Road. Here, I’ve a small, young one, but he’ll be fattening up rapidly, to judge from the cropped kale and chard in my garden.

One freshly minted, perfect Monarch butterfly stopped by on the afternoon of the 20th, the first I’ve seen in several years. Maybe it came over from the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, a Monarch Waystation that has raised and released a large number of Monarchs this summer. They have also planted lots of Monarch-attracting plants (see, including the various kinds of milkweed that Monarchs depend on.

The Monarchs we see here are several generations removed from the ones who migrated from Mexico, yet they still somehow know exactly when and how to head for the few square miles in Mexico where they spend the winter. Maine is at an end of their long migration route, so we can’t do a lot to improve habitat where it is most needed, i.e., between here and Mexico, but we can still help the ones who make it here by providing their favorite flowers—purple Echinacea, Joe Pye Weed, zinnias and dahlias, blue and scarlet salvia and, of course, milkweed.

A few years ago I brought home a pod of mature common milkweed seed from a roadside plant and shook it out over my meadow. The meadow is now full of milkweed, to feed any Monarch larvae and adults that happen by, and they provide sweetly scented, lovely flower clusters in early summer and those fascinating elegant pods, green now, but soon to turn brown and ready to release their fluffy seeds. The single Monarch that stopped here reminded me of a fall evening in Indiana years ago, when my husband and I were sitting in the yard enjoying a breeze. I stretched, leaned back. Looked up and…Wow! A gazillion Monarchs had turned the tulip poplar over my head into blazing, fluttering orange and black. They were gone by morning, but what a treat to have that huge flock chose our tree for an overnight rest.

Finally, here’s a note for gardeners, since many seem unaware of their ability to refresh blossoming plants. Flowers are designed to attract pollinators and make seed for the next season. Once they’ve done that job, the plant starts to die back. So when you see your zinnias and calendulas, dahlias and salvias and many other blossoms starting to fade, pinch off the flower. You’ll be telling the plant to try again by producing fresh flowers. This works for basil, too: keep the flower buds pinched off and the plant will stay green and fresh (given enough water) until frost.

Although the days are getting shorter, school is starting, and hot days aren’t as hot for as long, we still have plenty of good weather ahead. Given the Almanac’s forecast, it behooves us to enjoy every minute of it.

September 2015 Calendar of Events in Dresden

See articles above for details.

Tuesday, 1 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6:30   Planning Board, Pownalborough Hall

Wednesday, 2 September

7 pm Dresden Fire Association, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 3 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Saturday, 5 September

9:00 am – noon  Bridge Academy Library open

Monday, 7 September

6 pm Select Board meeting, Town Office

Tuesday, 8 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6:30 Dresden Sno-Valley Riders    Old Town House

Wednesday, 9 September

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 10 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library

7 pm Adult Book Group, Bridge Acad. Library

Saturday, 12 September

9 am-noon  Bridge Academy Library open

2 pm   Grand opening celebration!!!!    Dresden Sports Ctr.,

Bridge Academy

Monday, 14 September

6 pm Select Board workshop, Pownalborough Hall

6:30 pm Dresden Historical Society, Yellow Schoolhouse, Rte. 128

Tuesday, 15 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Wednesday, 16 September

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 17 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Saturday, 19 September

9 am-noon  Bridge Academy Library open

Monday, 21 September

6 pm Select Board meeting, Town Office

Tuesday, 22 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Wednesday, 23 September

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

Thursday, 24 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Saturday, 26 September

9 am-noon   Bridge Academy Library open

Monday, 28 September

6 pm Select Board workshop, Pownalborough Hall

Tuesday, 29 September

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library

Wednesday, 30 September

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall

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