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Dresden Communicator, October 2016

The Dresden Communicator is compiled by Bridge Academy as a public resource for all Dresden residents. Anyone in town wishing to publish articles and meeting dates in The Dresden Communicator should e-mail articles to or by phone message to Bill Matthews at 737-8214. The Deadline for submitting articles for the November 2016 edition is the 28th of October. Please see “Communicator Submissions” at the top of this page for article guidelines. 


Bridge Academy Library

Open Hours:   Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-7:00 pm;    Sat 9:00 am-12:00 noon intro


Join us for a fascinating walk in the world of bears with Dawn L. Brown, Bear Behavioral Researcher! Dawn does bear rehabilitation on her private five acre fenced woodland and will share a slide show of young bears she’s nurtured and returned to the wild and her extensive knowledge of bear behavior. All ages are welcome!


Tuesday October 11th at 6:00 pm

Bridge Academy Public Library

44 Middle Road in Dresden

Handicapped access available

Light refreshments will be served

FMI call 737-8810


Curl Up With a Good Book raffle: Fall is here and winter is coming so the time is right! The library will be raffling off a reading set that will include a beautiful crocheted afghan, tea, mug, locally made chocolate and a gift certificate to a local bookstore…a complete set for an evening in with your favorite author! This item would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one too! The raffle runs October 1-December 17th, so stop by to view the set and pick up your tickets during our normal hours and support your local library! Tickets will be $1.00 each or six for $5.00.


Adult Book Group : The October discussion book for the book club will be The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. This session will be held on Thursday October 13th at 7:00pm at the library. New members are always welcome!


Dresden Fire Association


The Association will not be meeting in October, but will have our regular monthly meeting in November.  We are getting plans set for our annual Christmas Tree Fund Raiser that will begin after Thanksgiving.  Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Dresden Fire/Rescue Department


Personnel will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Station for any truck/station maintenance, training or other specified events


On Wednesday, October 5, we will host our annual Fire Prevention Open House from 5 – 7 pm.  We will have fire prevention informational material, fire trucks of various types, firefighter gear, a smoke trailer, games, raffles, door prizes, food, a bounce house, and ‘Sparky the Fire Dog’.  We hope you will bring the family to this important event that promotes everyone to ‘Learn not to Burn’, what to do in case of a fire, and the Stop-Drop-and-Roll technique.  Also, we want to remind you that it is a good time to check your chimneys, heating equipment, smoke/CO2 detectors (and batteries).  Now is a good time to make sure you have everything ready before winter.


Dresden Historical Society


Members will meet on Monday, October 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Yellow Schoolhouse.  We are working on installing some shelves, fixing some needed repairs and getting ready for our annual November business meeting.  At this time, we are accepting nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  If you would like to nominate someone, please let us know.


Dresden Planning Board


The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, October 04 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  There are no projects scheduled on the agenda for this meeting.  If you have a question about a project or just want information, please contact the Chairman, Jeff Pierce, at 441-3006 and he will gladly help you.


Dresden Sno-Valley Riders Snowmobile Club


The club will meet on Tuesday, October 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Old Town House.  We are beginning our membership for the new season as the 2015-16 memberships expired on September 30.  The cost to join is $20.00 for family (adults and children up to age 19), Individual $16.00, and Supporting Business Membership is $35.00.  If you wish to join only the local club it is $10.00 for family and $8.00 for individuals.  We have started to make plans for doing trail work now that the cooler weather has set in.  If you or anyone you know enjoys snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or skiing, come join the club.  New members are always a welcome addition.




Seen in Dresden — September 2016


Most of September continued our hot, humid summer. Rain was promised on a few days, which were indeed gray, gloomy, and humid, but they produced less than half an inch of real precipitation. Gardens continued to wither and turn crunchy—except tomatoes, which loved the heat and were outstandingly tasty, that is, if you either managed to wrestle off the feisty hornworms before they got to the fruit or had picked off their eggs before they hatched.

The first dabs of color appeared on swamp maples early in the month. Early mornings along the rivers have been romantically veiled in heavy mist. Still, some phoebes apparently believed summer would never end and began building new nests. The local hummingbirds were still around on the 14th, and a beautiful fresh monarch hung around from then until the 22nd. On the 20th, the monarch was joined on the butterfly bush (appropriately), by a red admiral, while dozens of cabbage whites gathered for what looked like a convention. Their offspring continue to feast voraciously on the kale. They don’t fight back like the hornworms do, but there sure are a lot of them.

We all know now, though we may still find it nearly incredible, that delicate and colorful monarchs migrate all the way to Mexico for the winter. I was thrilled to see one, maybe two this summer (since some sightings were over a month apart), after quite a few summers of seeing none.

A century ago, millions of these migrating butterflies were seen annually even as far north as Boston, in swarms that took hours to pass over, and blacked out the sun. Imagine! It wasn’t until 1937 that a pair of Canadian researchers named Urquhart began gluing paper tags with their return address onto monarch wings to get an idea of where these butterflies spent their winters. Reports came in that, for example, 18 days after tagging in Ontario, one monarch was recovered in Atlanta, 1184 kms away. Scientists and public alike were astonished.

But it wasn’t until 1976 that the ultimate destination of all monarchs, in the mountains near Mexico City, was discovered (B. Heinrich, The Homing Instinct, 42-46). Heinrich’s discussion of how and why these lovely insects make this journey is a fascinating read. We know far less about the many other colorful butterflies that make similar journeys. Painted ladies and red admirals are among the Maine butterflies that take off for warmer climes this time of year, but their journeys are yet to be fully documented.

Hummingbirds also make a lengthy migration, normally leaving Dresden around the 17th of September. I expected them to leave a bit earlier this year, as we didn’t have much blooming to keep them here longer. But on the 22nd, I saw one busily drinking from every tiny blossom on the butterfly bush. It may have been the same one that was seen on the same day checking all remaining blossoms on Alexander Road. Haven’t seen one since, so I guess they are working their way south.

Another migrant that was still here earlier in the month, seen kiting over the Eastern River, is the night hawk—neither a night flying bird (they are insect eaters that fly and feed at dusk and dawn, especially over rivers and fields)—nor a hawk. It looks rather like a whip-poor-will, with a very short beak that opens to a large mouth, the better to catch insects on the fly. 400,000-year-old fossils of this bird have been found across the US. The living ones are now probably en route to southern South America, on one of the longest migrations of any bird. We wish them bon voyage and look forward to welcoming them back to Dresden next spring.

The day after the solstice we woke to find that overnight and without warning, Fall had arrived. Daytime temperatures are now (on 9/25) barely hitting the (low) 60’s and by night we’re getting increasingly close to a frost. Reluctantly, we’re closing windows (and noticing they need washing), scheduling chimney clean-outs, and checking the woodpiles. Houseplants are getting hosed off, repotted and hauled inside. A male scarlet tanager showed up in his winter yellow feathers. Chickadees are announcing that it is time to refill the feeders—and a bit of suet would be appreciated, while you’re at it.

Soon we’ll be raking leaves. Summer is over.





October 2016 Calendar of Events in Dresden

See articles above for details.



Saturday, 1 October

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Tuesday, 4 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6:30 pm   Dresden Planning Board, Pownalborough Hall


Wednesday, 5 October

5-7pm   Fire Prevention Open House   Dresden Fire/Rescue

Pownalborough Station


Thursday, 6 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm RSU2 School Board meeting, Marcia Buker Elementary School


Saturday, 8 October

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Monday, 10 October

6:30 pm   Dresden Historical Society   Yellow School House


Tuesday, 11 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm   Bears! Special program at the Bridge Acad. Library

6:30 Dresden Sno-Valley Riders SC   Old Town House Rte. 197


Wednesday, 12 October

7 pm Dresden Fire Association, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 13 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

7 pm  Adult Book Group, Bridge Acad. Library


Saturday, 15 October

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Monday, 17 October

6:30 pm   Dresden Historical Society.   Yellow Schoolhouse


Tuesday, 18 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

Wednesday, 19 October

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 20 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Saturday, 22 October

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Tuesday, 25 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 26 October

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 27 October

2 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Saturday, 29 October

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open











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