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Dresden Communicator April 2107 Addendum

Forest Hill Cemetery Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Forest Hill Cemetery Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, April 11th at 6:30 PM. Location: 720 Cedar Grove Rd, Dresden

Members are needed to serve on the Board. If interested, please attend the annual meeting or contact Sherry or Dan Moody at 737-8014.

Spring Cleanup: Volunteers are needed for spring cleanup in the cemetery. We usually pick a weekend in April (weather permitting) and burn brush, pick up fallen limbs and tidy the cemetery. If you are willing to help out, please call 737-8014 FMI. Thanks!

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Dresden Communicator, April 2017

Bridge Academy Library


Winter season Hours:     Tues, Thurs 1:30-7:00pm; Sat 9:00am-12:00pm

New Audios: The library has added a significant number of adult audio titles in the last few months. If you’re looking for ways to make that commute feel shorter or to sneak some reading in while you do your daily chores, audio books can be a great option! Titles include:

Beyond the Silence- Tracie Peterson

The Quieting: The Bishop’s Family- Suzanne Woods Fisher

Shotgun- Elmer Kelton

The Time Keeper- Mitch Albom

…and many more!


Adult Book Group : The April book club discussion title will be Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. The next session will be held on Thursday April 13th at 7:00pm at the library. New members are always welcome!


Paperback relocation: Some of our smaller paperback series and stand alone novels are in the process of migrating to the paperback spinner racks located in the adult fiction section to make room for new titles on the regular shelving units. Looking for a title by a favorite author? Don’t forget to check there too!


Library Plant Sale reminder: Winter snow gives way to spring flowers, and planting season is upon us! Our annual plant sale is a critical fundraiser for the library, so please consider adding some seedlings for the library sale to your spring planting. We are looking for vegetables, herbs and flowers, and the sale will be held on May 27th.  Potting soil and plant pots for division and preparation are also greatly needed; please consider making a donation of these items!


We are looking for volunteers to help:


-Locate vendors to make donations

-Bring plants from your garden to the library the night before, labeled!

-Work the day of the sale in a two hour shift with others, helping with plants or cashing out.

-Work the night before organizing the plants being delivered.

-Work day after the sale bringing back order from chaos.

Kaddee Vitelli is finally taking a deserved rest from organizing this part of the Sale and Elizabeth Sylvester is bravely trying to pull the plant sale portion together. Please help her and volunteer your time. Any amount will be greatly welcomed. You can contact Elizabeth via email at or by phone at 207-737-2158.



Notice to residents of Dresden – Elected Offices:


Nomination papers are available for the following offices:

Treasurer: 1 year term

Town Clerk:    1 year term

Property Tax Collector: 1 year term

Excise Tax Collector: 1 year term

Third Selectman: 3 year term

Budget Review Member: 3 year term


Anyone interested in running for any of these offices please contact the Dresden Town Clerk, Pat Theriault at 737-4335 or Nomination papers may be taken out beginning March 20th and must be returned to the Clerk no later than Monday, May 1st with at least 25 and no more than 100 valid signatures of Dresden voters.


Dresden Elections will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.



Dresden Community Acoustic Music Jam



The 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from January through May, at the Pownalborough Hall, from 6 to 9 PM


Bluegrass, Folk, C&W styles, for stringed acoustic like guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass. Other instruments that would blend like harmonica, washboard, piano, etc. would be welcomed. Accomplished and beginner musicians are welcome.


The primary goal of this event is to give Dresden residents and their guests who enjoy music the opportunity to get to know each other, play music, and have fun. Townspeople who do not know how to play but are thinking that they might like to learn, as well as those who want to just listen and enjoy the fun, will be welcomed.




Dresden Fire Association


The Association’s monthly business meeting will be on Wednesday, April 05 at 7:00 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.


Dresden Fire/Rescue


Personnel will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Station.  The first Wednesday will be for truck checks followed by the Association meeting.

April 12 – will be regular truck, station and equipment checks.

April 19 & 26 will be posted on the bulletin board for upcoming training, etc. when scheduled

Burn permits can be issued after 9 a.m. during the week as long as there is snow on the ground.  They can be obtained, at no charge, through the website

Please remember that we are always looking for new members, so if you have an interest in learning all the specifics of being a firefighter, please contact either the Chief, Steve Lilly at 737-9434, the Assistant Chief, Ron Theriault at 737-8771 or come in on a Wednesday night to get an application or just get information.


Dresden Historical Society


The Society was scheduled to meet on Sunday, April 16th at 2:00 p.m. in Bridge Academy Library, but that is Easter, so stay tuned.  We will be making plans for an upcoming Casserole Supper for May as well as getting things ready for the display at the Brick School Museum.  We are still hoping to gather more new members and anyone who is willing to help with the sorting and cataloging of the great items and data we have gathered.  Also, if you haven’t yet sent in your membership dues, you can do that at any time.  Need the address?  Dresden Historical Society,   P.O. Box 201,  Dresden, Maine  04342.  We thank you all for your continued support.  The public is welcome to come to any of our meetings whether you are a member or not.


Dresden Planning Board


The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, April 04 at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  On the agenda for this meeting will be the continuance of reviewing the requested conditions for Richard Condon’s Gravel Pit Permit with the possibility of lifting the Stop-Work order.  Also, if you have a project in mind and need information on permits or processes, please contact either the CEO, James Valley at the Town Office or Planning Board Chairman, Jeff Pierce at 441-3006 or leave him a message at the Town Office.  These meetings are open to the public if anyone is interested in sitting in to see what goes on.


Dresden Sno-Valley Riders


The Club will meet on Tuesday, April 11, at the Old Dresden Town House on Route 197.  We will be having election of officers for the 2017-2018 season, gather any paperwork for trail maintenance or grooming for the Grant-in-Aid program, decide on summer meetings, consider our annual donations and discuss any possible events that members would like to do.  Our meetings are open to the public.


RSU2 Exploratory Committee


Members will meet in April on a date that will be posted in local stores, the Town Office, the Post Office and Bridge Academy Library.  These meetings are open to the public.




Swap Shop


The Swap Shop at the Dresden Transfer Station is open and has as a wonderful supply of quality spring clothes and many other household items. All the things in the shop have been donated and sorted by a dedicated group of volunteers. ALL Dresden residents are welcome and encouraged to stop in and see if there is anything you could possibly use. The return policy liberal and you can even bring back more than you took home.


The Swap Shop coordinator are Melanie Gaczi, Linda Biden, Susan Hartford and new member Judy Tunkle.



Seen in Dresden, March, 2017


By K. D. Vitelli


The last week of February sure felt like early spring, with temperatures hitting the 50’s on several days. The ice on the rivers melted in place, with little Common Mergansers showing up the minute small pools of open water appeared. How do they know? By the 28th, an open channel of moving water had brought out the eagles. The next day saw the arrival en masse of red-winged blackbirds in south Dresden; they were seen near our northern limits the next day. Then, woodcocks announced their arrival and the beginning of mating season with their buzzing preent calls.


And then, wham. Winter returned. The rivers flash froze again—though small pools of open water still remained and the determined ducks stayed in them. Several of us saw eagles swoop down over the ducks, whether to harass them or maybe steal their fish was unclear. Even with several mid-day snow squalls that looked, for the half hour they lasted, like blizzards, the woodpeckers kept drumming. Starlings, juncos and a stray song sparrow showed up as temperatures dipped to frigid single digits…and a real blizzard hit us, again sculpting the landscape into strange (and somehow, in mid-March, less beautiful) forms.


The newly arrived birds were no doubt unhappy they’d fallen for fake spring, but seem to have survived the feint and are determined the real thing will show up soon. This morning the bluebird stopped by briefly to check out the box used last summer, though, since it is still surrounded by heavily glazed and glaring snow, he didn’t stay for long. Titmice are chasing each other around the trees, and even the cardinal occasionally tries out his song.


Woodcocks, also known as timberdoodles, bog suckers and mudsnipes, spend winters down in Virginia, the Carolinas, and points south, coming north around this time of year, like other snowbirds, for the spring and summer. Their mottled coloring normally provides great camouflage in their preferred woodland leaf litter, where they feed on earthworms, probing the soft earth with their long straight bills. They may eat their own weight in earthworms every day—but right now must be surviving on whatever ants, flies, beetles and the like that they can scare out of the snow. One of the great delights of spring is to witness their mating display: around dawn or dusk, when the temperature is above freezing and the wind is still, listen for the male’s preent call (you can learn it from recorded versions at the AllAboutBirds website), designed to attract a female. When he has her attention, he flies up several hundred feet and spirals straight down in a dazzling dive that no doubt makes his intended’s heart flutter.


Although temperatures aren’t quite right for this display yet, the March sun is definitely stronger, and we’re seeing a fair bit of it as the month winds down. With Daylight Savings in effect, evening now comes at a respectable hour. The longer days mean it is time to start seeds. Believe! If you can give them a little bottom heat (specially designed heating pads are available at nurseries, and I’m told radiant heat works beautifully) they’ll germinate more quickly and soon they’ll need potting up into larger containers. Sow some for the BA plant sale while you’re at it. And hope that our March lion goes out like the little lamb we’re waiting for.




April 2017 Calendar of Events in Dresden

See articles above for details.


Monday, 3 April

6pm Select Board Meeting,   Pownalborough Hall


Tuesday, 4 April

6 pm   Dresden Planning Board, Pownalborough Hall


Wednesday, 5 April

7 pm   Dresden Fire Association, Pownalborough Station


Thursday, 6 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm Acoustic Music Jam, Pownalborough Hall


Saturday, 8 April

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Tuesday, 11 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


6 pm   Dresden Sno-Valley Riders, Old Town House, Rte 197



Wednesday, 12 April

6:30 pm   Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Station


Thursday, 13 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

7 pm Adult Book Group, Bridge Acad. Library

6pm Select Board Meeting,   Pownalborough Hall


Saturday, 15 April

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Tuesday, 18 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 19 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 20 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm Acoustic Music Jam, Pownalborough Hall


Saturday, 22 April

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Monday, 24 April

6pm Select Board Meeting, Pownalborough Hall


Tuesday, 25 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 26 April

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 27 April

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Saturday, 29 April

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open

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