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Dresden Communicator, January 2018

Your Monthly Community Newsletter

The Dresden Communicator is assembled with volunteer help and designed by Henry Lyons for distribution by the Town of Dresden, with help from Chris Hallowell and The Copy Shop, as a public resource for all Dresden residents. Anyone in town wishing to publish articles and meeting dates in the Dresden Communicator should contact the editor Bill Matthews, 737-9013 or   Deadline for submissions: the 20th of each month.


Bridge Academy Library

Adult Book Group : The January discussion book for the book club will be Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley. The book club meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at the library. This session will be held on Tuesday January 9th..


Storm Closings Reminder: Don’t forget that all storm closings for the library are posted on television at WMTW Channel 8 News and online at Save yourself a trip by checking there first on a wintry day!


Spotlight Series: Maggie Hope by Susan Elia MacNeal

The fascination with World War II, Churchill and the royal family are still very much alive, as evidenced by movies like Darkest Hour and the Netflix series The Crown. If you’re looking to dive in to an engaging period series featuring a plucky heroine filled with intrigue, spies and famous wartime figures, then this is just the ticket. Come check out the whole series!


Winter Resources: The library has a comprehensive list of winter assistance information, including a Town by Town Supplemental Assistance Grid, a Directory of Commonly Requested Community Services and Holiday Resources. Please share this information if you or someone you know could use it. It is also available by calling 211 or online at


Vehicle Registration Available On-line


Dresden participates in the online Motor Vehicle re-registrations, and boat re-registrations?   We now also offer the ability to renew your dog licenses and pay property taxes online with a credit or debit card 24/7. This is a service provided by Informe, and can be accessed on the website. (We still will not be accepting credit or debit cards in the town office at this time.)



Dresden Transfer Station and Recycling Center


Open Thurs. 1-4, Sat. 9-4, Sun. 9-1, closed on holidays.   Located just off the Middle Road (Rte 197) near the Old Town Hall. Recycle Center accepts cardboard, glass containers, magazines, newspapers, mixed paper, plastic containers, aluminum cans, packing materials, and used motor oil. Transfer station accepts bagged household trash—up to 35 Lbs. Tokens for trash bags are available at the Town Office and local stores.. Any questions, call 737-4758 or see one of the recycling attendants, or call the Town Office at 737-4335.


Town Office Information


The Dresden Town Office is at 534 Gardiner Road, P.O. Box 30 Dresden, Maine 04342.

Online payment options and more information are at


Normal hours are


Monday, 1-6 pm

Tuesday, 10 am – 5 pm

Wednesday 9 am – 3 pm

Thursday, 1 – 8 pm

Friday, 9 am – 1 pm


And the first Saturday of every month, from 9 am – noon.


The office will be closed on Monday, 15 January, for Martin Luther King Day.


Follow Dresden on Facebook @ Dresden, Maine



Dresden Fire Association


The Dresden Fire Association will have a monthly business meeting on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 7 p.m. in Pownalborough Hall.  We would like to thank everyone who purchased a tree during our annual Christmas Tree Fund Raiser and those who made donations.  We appreciate the support you give to us in our efforts to to raise money for the fire department.  We hope you all have a very Happy New Year.


Dresden Fire/Rescue


Members will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Pownalborough Station.  Truck and/or station maintenance, training or other events will be posted on the board.  All members are urged to participate.  We are looking for more people to join, so if anyone is interested, please contact the fire chief, Steve Lilly, at 737-9434 or come to a weekly meeting and he will give you the information on what the requirements are, plus he can provide you with an application.  Like so many small towns, we can use as many members as possible who are willing to commit to the fire service of our community.  We hope you have a happy, healthy and safe New Year 2018.


Dresden Historical Society


The Society will host their annual Chili/Chowder supper on Saturday, January 6th, 2018 at Pownalborough Hall from 5 – 6:30 p.m.  The cost will be $7.00 per adult, $3.00 for children under 12 and Free for children under 5.  There will be a variety of homemade chili and chowders for your dining pleasure.  We’ll also have desserts and refreshments.  We hope you’ll bring your family and friends for an evening of community gathering for delicious food, meet and greet with others and some great conversations while supporting one of our special town organizations.  And if you have an interest in the history of our town, we are always welcoming new members.


Dresden Planning Board


The Planning Board will meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month.  We do have a proposed subdivision that is on the agenda for January 2nd.  Information will be posted in the town office, Dresden Take-Out, Meetinghouse Market, the Post Office and on the town website.  If you have any questions on a project or other concerns, please contact the Chairman, Jeffrey Pierce, at 441-3006 or you can leave him a message at the town office.


Dresden Sno-Valley Riders


The Club will meet on the second Tuesday of the month which is January 9th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Old Dresden Town House on route 197.  We are still doing a lot of cleaning of the trails which in some areas have a significant amount of debris from the storm.  Yes, with only a few members able to work on them from time to time, it is taking us a little longer to get them cleared.  Now with the snow we have and more predicted, we are hoping to really get the trails in groomed condition.  We are always excited to have new members join the club.  We really think it’s great when people who like to cross-country ski, snowshoe or whatever also join the club.  If you’re interested in joining, you can either come to a meeting or call Shari Lilly at 737-2566 and you can get membership information or make arrangements to become a member.



Dresden Community Acoustic Music Jam


On the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, October through May, at Pownalborough Hall, Dresden, from 6- 9pm


TYPE OF MUSIC: Bluegrass, Folk, C&W


TYPE OF INSTRUMENTS: Stringed acoustic like guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass, but other instruments that would blend like harmonica, washboard, piano, etc. would be welcomed.


ABILITY LEVEL: Beginner on up


The primary goal of this event is to give Dresden residents and their guests who enjoy music the opportunity to get to know each other, play music, and have fun. Townspeople who do not know how to play but are thinking that they might like to learn, as well as those who want to just listen and enjoy the fun, will be welcomed.



Dresden Masonic Lodge #103

website:        Facebook: @ Dresden103



Seen in Dresden, December, 2017


By K. D. Vitelli


It’s kind of hard to remember just now, but December started out quite balmy, with daytime temperatures in the 40’s and even 50’s on a couple of days. Nights cooled off, however, and by the end of the first week, the edges of the river were white of a morning, and ice-coated branches glittered in the early sun. We had our first plow-able snow on the 9th, and haven’t looked back.


At the time of the monster full moon and very high tides, Dresden’s Eastern River had an unusual but fun visit from a harbor seal, whose little head was seen bobbing in and out after fish, just a bit south of the upper bridge. Our very own Christmas seal.


Mid-month, temperatures plummeted and the rivers flash-froze. Cold gray days gave us what I recently heard called, very evocatively, “fish belly white” skies. The river ice, groaning and sighing with the incoming and out-going tides, and with a bit of black water still showing in the channels, is now all shades of gray and white in endlessly fascinating geometric and abstract patterns, far more interesting right now than when they freeze solid and are covered in deep white snow, visually indistinct from empty fields.


The night of the 16th I thought I heard coyote howls as I drifted off to sleep. Next morning I could just make out a large carcass (a deer?) down on the ice just across from my house, probably the work of the coyotes. All day the crows and ravens and eagles fought over it, chasing each other, flapping wings and jumping back and forth—a huge, non-stop commotion. Twenty-four hours later new snow had covered the bloody traces and not even a low bump was left on the surface. A holiday feast for the large feathered crowd.


The colder weather and snow are bringing our birds back to the feeders. Four bluebirds have been sighted, first, hanging around south Dresden, a few days later, up on the north end of town. The blue jays are thriving, taking command of many feeders, in one case joined by a lone starling who seems to have lost his flock.


Chickadees, goldfinches, titmice, lots of woodpeckers, and the occasional cardinal are being seen all over town. Juncos and doves hang around on the ground, under the feeders and along the edges of plowed areas where they still are finding seeds.

The eagles at the Pownalborough courthouse have been working at re-building their nest. That must be where one I saw going down the Eastern River was headed, with a long stick in it’s talons extending well beyond the bird’s body both front and rear: looking just like a big witch riding her broom! The courthouse trails are now cleared and ready for hiking and snowshoeing.


Something to watch for and look forward to in the days ahead: another big irruption of Snowy Owls from the Arctic tundra is predicted for this year. One has already been seen in Dresden, early in the month on the lower Middle Road. If you see one, log in to Project SNOWstorm to report it.


Stay warm and safe and enjoy our winter wonderland with eyes wide open, especially as our days are getting longer again.


If you have sightings and/or photos you’d like to share, or questions about Dresden’s flora and fauna please send them to




January 2018 Calendar of Events in Dresden

See articles above for details.


Tuesday, 2 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm   Planning Board   Pownalborough Hall


Wednesday, 3 January

7 pm Dresden Fire Association, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 4 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 pm   RSU2 School Board Meeting, Cottrell Elem. School, Monmouth

6 – 9 pm Open Music Jam   Pownalborough Hall


Saturday, 6 January

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open

5 – 6:30 pm   Chili/Chowder Supper, Historical Society,                                                                                                              Pownalborough Hall            

Monday, 8 January

6 pm Select Board Meeting, Pownalborough Hall


Tuesday, 9 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6:30 Adult Book Group, Dresden Acad. Library

6:30 pm   Sno-Valley Riders Club Old Town House Rte 197


Wednesday, 10 January

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 11 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Saturday, 13 January

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Monday, 15 January

Martin Luther King Day   Town Office closed


Tuesday, 16 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 17 January

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 18 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Saturday, 20 January

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open

Monday, 22 January

6pm Select Board meeting, Pownalborough Hall


Tuesday, 23 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 24 January

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall


Thursday, 25 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open

6 – 9 pm Open Music Jam   Pownalborough Hall


Saturday, 27 January

9 am-noon   Bridge Acad. Library open


Tuesday, 30 January

1:30 – 7 pm   Bridge Acad. Library open


Wednesday, 31 January

6:30 pm Dresden Fire/Rescue, Pownalborough Hall







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